Beginner's Greek (Paperback)

By James Collins

Back Bay Books, 9780316021562, 441pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2009



Is love at first sight possible or just an old-fashioned romantic idea? And what if, to further complicate things, you meet the love of your life and then lose her phone number? "Then "what if, after the impossible happens and you find her again, she's now about to marry a roguish lothario who is also your best friend? The complications don't end there for Peter Russell, the winning hero of James Collins' charming, generous, and romantic first novel. Part modern-day Jane Austen, part Tom Wolfe, "Beginner's Greek" is a romantic comedy of the highest order, with characters who are perfectly, charmingly real as they swerve and stumble from fairy tale to social satire and back again.

About the Author

James Collins writes for The New Yorker and has been an editor at both Time and Spy Magazine. A former Little, Brown editorial assistant, he is 48 years old and lives in Virginia with his family. This is his first novel.

Praise For Beginner's Greek

"A sparkling first novel."

"A romantic, funny, and insightful page-turner."

"Clever, romantic, and fun."
-Boston Globe

"Jane Austen fans will feel right at home."
-Library Journal

"A rare delight: a smart, elegant, madly romantic comedy with characters who seem perfectly, charmingly real."

"A satire of modern love that will charm both sexes equally."
-Vanity Fair

"An unabashedly romantic d├ębut."
-The New Yorker

"Beginner's Greek is, from start to finish, delicious."
-New York Times Book Review