Jack Frost, Volume 6: The Amityville (Paperback)

The Amityville

By JinHo Ko

Yen Press, 9780316207843, 208pp.

Publication Date: September 25, 2012



When Ethan of the East District reunites Noh-A with her long-dead father, only to threaten to kill him again if she does not cooperate with the East District, Noh-A reluctantly agrees to go with Ethan. But securing the mirror image for himself is only half the battle. Ethan soon finds himself under siege from the other districts of Amityville as they attempt to steal her away again. As battle rages around her, a gnawing doubt grows in the pit of Noh-A's stomach... Is Jack truly the ally she's believed him to be? Or was he responsible for the loss of everything and everyone she once held dear?

About the Author

JinHo Ko is the creator of the manhwa series "Croquis Pop "and "Jack Frost" (published by Yen Press). He was inspired to become a manhwa artist in primary school and has been drawing manhwa since approximately the age of 12.