The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 3 (Paperback)

By Jun Mochizuki

Yen Press, 9780316412841, 224pp.

Publication Date: November 14, 2017



The masked ball has ended, but the music plays on. As Noe and Vanitas return disgraced from Altus, the curtain rises on a new battle. News of kidnapped curse-bearers sends the pair to the catacombs beneath the streets of Paris, where a melody of intrigue echoes and a superhuman foe awaits Humans or vampires: Who will be the hunter, and who the hunted?

About the Author

Jun Mochizuki is the New York Times bestselling creator of PandoraHearts and CRIMSON-SHELL. The success of her PandoraHearts series spawned an extremely popular anime adaptation.