Call to Order (Hardcover)

A Miscellany of Useful Hierarchies, Systems, and Classifications

By Jackie Strachan, Jane Moseley

Black Dog & Leventhal, 9780316486132, 192pp.

Publication Date: September 25, 2018

List Price: 19.99*
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A useful and fascinating guide to rankings, classifications, and hierarchies that make up our world -- from the Richter Scale to the classification of wine to the Jedi Order.

Sure to be classified as more informative and useful than Schott's Miscellany, but easily just as much fun, CALL TO ORDER is an essential illustrated guide that fills in the gaping holes in our knowledge and helps settle plaguing questions. Among them, "Does four-of-a-kind beat a full house in poker?" (Yes.) Does a Marquess outrank a Duke? (No.) And, what classification of sinner populates the Sixth Circle of Hell? (Heretics.) And, how are they punished. (Crammed into burning tombs.)

Can you never pass question three on HQ? Here are the hierarchies, pecking orders, ranks, and standings that order every aspect of our lives, from society, government and religion to culture, music, biology, and environment.

CALL TO ORDER is the definitive catalog of where things stand.

About the Author

Jackie Strachan and Jane Moseley have written, translated, and edited a long list of books on pets, history, gardening, travel, cookery, and wine, and have distilled, ordered and arranged their knowledge into this informative volume. They both love language and speak a number of different ones. They both live in the U.K.

Praise For Call to Order: A Miscellany of Useful Hierarchies, Systems, and Classifications

"A delight for fussbudgets and trivia lovers."—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel