The Curse of the Ravens (Paperback)

By Rebecca Lisle

Hodder Children's Books, 9780340894484, 314pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2008

List Price: 7.95*
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The year is 1682, and Reuben and his cousin Doctor Brittlebank are visiting the eccentric Lord and Lady Marley when Reuben stumbles upon a dark and terrible secret: something is hidden in the ruined chapelsomething that men would kill for. But before he can share his discovery, the Doctor is whisked away on an important trip. Reuben is left at Marley Manor feeling terribly alone, while the lady of the house, Lady Marley, is desperate for a child. When a preacher calls and promises to help her conceive, she takes his advice and trusts him, despite Reuben's warnings. Nobody believes Reuben when he speaks against the preacher, so he sets out on a frightening journeywith the preacher never far behind.

About the Author

Rebecca Lisle is the author of numerous children's books, including"Amethyst" and "The Dog in the Diamond Collar.""