Gods of Mars (Paperback)

A Barsoom Novel

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Del Rey, 9780345324399, 192pp.

Publication Date: March 12, 1985

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After a long exile on Earth, John Carter finally returned to his beloved Mars. But beautiful Dejah Thoris, the woman he loved, had vanished. Now he was trapped in the legendary Eden of Mars—an Eden from which none ever escaped alive.

Three monstrous white apes sprang into the arena. On her throne, Issus, the living goddess of the First Born, leaned forward in keen anticipation. At length the apes spied the huddled knot of terror-stricken maidens and, with demoniacal shrieks of bestial frenzy, charged upon them.

A wave of mad fury surged over me. A single blow sent my guard unconscious to the ground. Snatching up his long-sword, I leaped into tthe arena. The sword whirled and a great ape sprawled headless at the feet of the fainting girls.

The other apes were upon me now—but my act had heartened the prisoners, and the cages vomited forth their inmates hot with the lust to kill—doomed men dedicated to revenge upon Issus!

But against each of us were a thousand warriors of the First Born.

About the Author

Edgar Rice Burroughs is one of the world's most popular authors. With no previous experience as a writer, he wrote and sold his first novel—A Princess of Mars—in 1912. In the ensuing 38 years, until his death in 1950, Burroughs produced 91 books and a host of short stories and articles. Although he is best known as the creator of the classic Tarzan of the Apes and John Carter of Mars, his restless imagination knew few bounds. Burroughs's prolific pen took readers from the American West to Africa to romantic adventures on the moon and beyond the farthest star.