Great War: American Front (Hardcover)

American Front

By Harry Turtledove

Del Rey Books, 9780345406156, 496pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 1998



The United States sides with Germany, while the Confederate States ally with Britain and France. World War I explodes on American soil

When war engulfs Europe in 1914, the United States and the Confederate States of America, bitter enemies for five decades, enter the fray on opposite sides. The United States, led by Theodore Roosevelt, aligns with the newly powerful Germany, while the Confederacy, under Woodrow Wilson, joins forces with their allies, Britain and France. But for both sides, this fight will be different from any other: a war with global consequences waged in America ... and fought with the chilling innovations of the dawning modern age, the machine gun, the airplane, and poison gas.

The events of How Few Remain -- Confederate victory in a second Civil War and the subsequent division of America -- set the stage for this extraordinary novel of the first World War as it might have been. In "The Great War: American Front", Harry Turtledove creates a vast, vibrant canvas that blends actual events and players with a brilliantly reinvented history. This unforgettable, deeply moving, and superbly original novel is a masterpiece of imagination and another triumph for its acclaimed creator.