Prospero's Children (Fern Capel #1) (Mass Market)

By Jan Siegel

Del Rey, 9780345441430, 352pp.

Publication Date: May 29, 2001

List Price: 6.99*
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It began ages past in fabled Atlantis, when a mad, power-hungry queen forged a key to a door never meant to be opened by mortal man--its inception would hasten her own death and the extinction of her vainglorious race. For millennia the key lay forgotten beneath the waves, lost amid the ruins of what had been the most beautiful city on Earth. But however jealously the sea hoards its secrets, sooner or later it yields them up. Now, in present-day Yorkshire, that time has come. And for young Fernanda Capel, life will never be the same again . . .

About the Author

Jan Siegel is also the author of The Dragon-Charmer. She has already lived through one lifetime--during which she traveled the world and supported herself through a variety of professions, including that of actress, barmaid, garage hand, laboratory assistant, journalist, and model. Her new life is devoted to her writing, but she also finds time to ride, ski, and attend the opera.

Praise For Prospero's Children (Fern Capel #1)

"A charming, powerfully imaginative work."

"THIS BOOK WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN . . . A lyrical, captivating first novel of mermaids, magic, lost worlds, and found souls that deserves the large and enthusiastic audience it is sure to find."