Every Child Ready to Read: Literacy Tips for Parents (Paperback)

Literacy Tips for Parents

By The Lee Pesky Learning Center

Ballantine Books, 9780345470676, 96pp.

Publication Date: August 3, 2004



All parents want their children to read well and to succeed and experts agree that improving literacy begins at birth. Reading aloud to your child, sharing simple games and wordplay, and developing letter knowledge start your child off on the right foot for school and life. Now the esteemed Lee Pesky Learning Center has created this easy, accessible reference for parents to help foster better literacy skills in children. Topics are individually tailored for three age ranges infant, toddler, and preschool and include
the best read-aloud books to develop sound awareness
the perfect picture books for encouraging letter knowledge
ways to promote verbal language and build vocabulary
the benefits of symbolic play
fun (and educational) games for car trips
helping youngsters write at home
great gift ideas for kids
warning signs of a learning disability
The fundamentals of reading start at home. Every Child Ready to Read helps parents motivate their children to learn, and to become confident readers who will always enjoy reading.

About the Author

The Lee Pesky Learning Center is a nonprofit, educational organization specializing in helping individuals with learning disabilities. The center is based in Boise, Idaho. Visit the Lee Pesky Learning Center at www.LPLearningCenter.org.

Praise For Every Child Ready to Read: Literacy Tips for Parents

“Every Child Ready to Read is a little gem. It will help parents prepare, support, guide, and enjoy reading with their children. Nothing could be a better gift to any new family.”
–SUSAN STRAUB, Director, Read to Me program