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FDR at War Boxed Set

The Mantle of Command, Commander in Chief, and War and Peace

Nigel Hamilton

Multiple copy pack

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Multiple copy pack (5/7/2019)


The definitive three-volume history that FDR did not live to write: the story of World War II from his perspective, showing his mastery of strategy, his vision, and how he overcame resistance from Churchill and his own generals to set the course for victory. Mantle of Command, Commander in Chief, and War and Peace have been celebrated as “masterly” (The Wall Street Journal)

In his deeply-researched, sweeping trilogy, Nigel Hamilton rewrites the history of FDR's role in World War II. First, Mantle of Command offers a radical new perspective on FDR's masterful—and underappreciated—personal charge of military direction following the disaster of Pearl Harbor. Then, in Commander in Chief, Hamilton spotlights the president's infamous clash with Churchill when he attempted to abandon Allied D-Day strategy. Finally, with War and Peace, Hamilton's celebrated trilogy culminates with a story of triumph and tragedy as FDR orchestrates D-Day, and, while gravely ill, travels from Hawai'i to Yalta, designing a victorious peace that he would not live to witness. Now we know: even on his deathbed, FDR was the war's great visionary.


Praise For FDR at War Boxed Set: The Mantle of Command, Commander in Chief, and War and Peace

War and Peace is the third and final volume in Hamilton’s “F.D.R. at War” trilogy and certainly as gripping and powerfully argued as the first two . . . Hamilton’s case for Roosevelt is a compelling one. Even in decline, the president had a vision that eluded others, including his closest partner [Churchill].”
—The New York Times Book Review
“If history belongs to the best and latest writer, Nigel Hamilton has won the war for Roosevelt’s legacy from Churchill.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“A first class, lens-changing work.”
—James N. Mattis, former United States Secretary of Defense


The Mantle of Command is splendid: It’s the memoir Roosevelt didn’t get to write.”
New York Times Book Review

Wall Street Journal

“FDR has frequently been underestimated as a military leader, yielding, in the historical imagination, to George Marshall and Winston Churchill, among others. Nigel Hamilton attacks this view with his characteristic verve, portraying a president with the reins of war fully, if often subtly, in his hands. The conventional wisdom will never be the same.”
H.W. Brands, author of Traitor to His Class: The Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“Nigel Hamilton’s Mantle of Command is a stirring and noteworthy book about Roosevelt’s crucial role as commander-in-chief during World War II. Hamilton writes with insight, passion, and a great grasp of history. I believe this book will become the standard by which other books about FDR’s role in World War II will be measured.”
Carlo D’Este, author of Patton: A Genius for War and Warlord: A Life of Churchill at War, 1874–1945

“This is not the Roosevelt (or Churchill) you'd expect. From the start, an aggressive, in-charge FDR emerges from a wonderful weaving of established scholarship and the fascinating bits and pieces that make history live. Churchill is an inspirational nag, with a busy, unfocused strategic vision. A key entry into the ongoing debate over who made grand strategy in the early war years—Roosevelt or Churchill?”
Warren F. Kimball, author of Forged in War: Roosevelt, Churchill, and the Second World War


“Ably dramatizes Roosevelt's wranglings with Churchill during World War II ... Provocative ... It is stimulating to follow Hamilton as he lays out his argument.”
—Thomas E. Ricks, New York Times Book Review

—Fareed Zakaria


Mariner Books, 9780358376545, 1632pp.

Publication Date: September 8, 2020

About the Author

NIGEL HAMILTON is a best-selling and award-winning biographer of President John F. Kennedy, General Bernard “Monty” Montgomery, and President Bill Clinton, among other subjects. His most recent book, The Mantle of Command: FDR at War, 1941–1942, was long-listed for the National Book Award. He is a senior fellow at the McCormack Graduate School, University of Massachusetts, Boston, and splits his time between Boston, Massachusetts, and New Orleans, Louisiana.