Tender Loving Passion (Mass Market Paperbound)

By Donna Hill

Kimani Press, 9780373091522, 442pp.

Publication Date: June 24, 2014



Two classic TLC novels from Essence bestselling author DONNA HILL

The women who sell Tender Loving Care body products are hiding a secret: they are undercover operatives in The Ladies Cartelthe flip-side organization of TLC Cosmetics. They have sworn an oath to never reveal their clandestine activities, so not even their closest family and friends know about their covert lives.

TEMPTATION AND LIESAs CEO of an event-planning company, no one would ever guess that sultry siren Nia Turner is also an undercover agent for TLC. Living a double life can be stressful, especially when Nia begins dating sexy architect Steven Long. As their desire blossoms and their relationship grows, will the web of lies and scandal Nia becomes tangled in tear them apart forever?

LONGING AND LIESWith her sensual looks and free-spirited ways, Ashley Temple is the perfect agent for TLC. But when she poses as part of a happily married couple along with FBI operative Elliot Morgan for her latest assignment, the stakes are sky-high. Ashley knows she's in deeper than she's ever been before. How can she let Elliott go once he's taken their passion beyond the point of no return?