Maya's Choice (Paperback)

By Earl Sewell

Kimani Press, 9780373229987, 249pp.

Publication Date: October 18, 2011



Maya's summer is shaping up to be unforgettablein both good and bad ways. First she's sent to stay with her grandmother for a month. Living in the city, Maya is too far from her friend Keysha and her boyfriend, Misaloand too near her rebellious cousin Viviana. When Maya finally comes home, her parents drop a bombshellViviana is moving in with them.
Her cousin has barely unpacked before she's creating chaos. Truth is, Maya kind of likes the way life is a whole lot less predictable with Viviana around. But her motives are up for debateespecially when it comes to Misalo. And as Maya's little sister, Anna, grows more fascinated with her cool older cousin, Maya begins to see that following where Viviana leads has its price. And it could cost Maya her reputation, her relationshipand maybe even her future.

Praise For Maya's Choice

"Sewell addresses some major social issues that confront young adults in a way that is both satisfying and nonthreatening. Readers are treated to nicely veiled and fully integrated lessons on the dangers of unprotected sex, teen pregnancy, drug addiction, and alcoholism, all woven into a story of romance, adventure, and yes, a little mystery." -School Library Journal on MYSELF AND I