The Cowboy's Christmas Surprise (Mass Market Paperbound)

By Marie Ferrarella

Harlequin, 9780373754823, 216pp.

Publication Date: December 3, 2013



The Best Christmas Present
Since the first grade, Holly Johnson has known that Ramon Rodriguez is the only man for her. But the carefree, determinedly single Texas cowboy with the killer smile doesn't have a clue. Until they share a dance and a kissand Ray finally sees his best friend for the woman in love she is.
With his brothers racing each other down the aisle, Ray figured he'd be the last bachelor in Forever. That was before the night that changed his life. He can't believe the sexy, beautiful lady who arouses heart-stopping desire is his pal and confidante, and loving aunt to the most adorable little girl. Now that he realizes what he's been missing, Ray plans to make up for lost timestarting with the three little words Holly's waited thirteen years to hear.