Grooms (Paperback)

By Joan Johnston

Harlequin Books, 9780373775262, 378pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2010



"The Virgin Groom"
He was every kid's idol, every man's envy, every woman's fantasy. And then Mac Macready's fiancee dumped him, and his future was looking mighty uncertain. The most shocking thing of all was that the only woman who could save him was notorious Jewel Whitelaw .
"The Substitute Groom"
He'd taught his best friend's girl how to kiss and had never forgotten the touch of Jennifer Wright's lips. And now that Huck couldn't marry Jenny, U.S. Air Force major Colt Whitelaw vowed to make the ultimate sacrifice. But first Colt needed to convince Jenny this was right so he drew her close once more .