Back in Service (Mass Market Paperbound)

By Isabel Sharpe

Harlequin, 9780373797752, 222pp.

Publication Date: October 22, 2013



Subject: Lieutenant Jameson Cartwright
Current Status: Out of commissionand totally in lust
It was the cat's fault. Otherwise Jameson Cartwright wouldn't have tripped and ruined not only his knee, but also his newly minted air force career and the Cartwright family pride. Now he's lying low and miserableuntil the girl he tormented as a kid comes breezing through his door, looking fresh and sexy. This time, it's his turn to be exquisitely and thoroughly tortured.
Grief counselor Kendra Lonergan isn't sure she wants to help the (mouthwateringly hot) guy who once put worms in her sandwich. Stillhe needs her badly. But it's not long before "professional" turns into provocative, and the sexual tension is off the charts. And there is only one way to get this scrumptious airman back in service.

About the Author

Isabel Sharpe was not born pen in hand like so many of her fellow writers. After she quit work to stay home with her firstborn son and nearly went out of her mind, she started writing. After more than twenty novels for Harlequin along with another son Isabel is more than happy with her choice these days. She loves hearing from readers. Write to her at"