Saved by Her Embrace (Mass Market Paperbound)

By Wayne Jordan

Kimani Press, 9780373862191, 217pp.

Publication Date: June 21, 2011



After dumping her cheating boyfriend, Sandra Walters doesn't trust menespecially men in white coats So when she runs into Troy Whitehall in Barbados, she vows to steer clear of the heart-stoppingly handsome surgeon. The passion they once shared is something she'll never forget, but she isn't going to let down her defenses again. Even if the good doctor has a bedside manner no woman can resist.
Troy remembers every detail of that incredible night they spent together. And he intends to have Sandra in his arms again. But this time the love-burned beauty isn't so easily seduced. She's looking for forever, and the workaholic doctor has never planned to settle down. Can Troy change both their minds and order a treatment for happiness that can lead to a lifetime of love?