What Men Want (Paperback)

By Deborah Blumenthal

Red Dress Ink, 9780373895694, 296pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2006



Q: How does a thirty-five-year-old reporter with a vanilla-sounding name like Jenny George know so much about men? A: She really doesn't. Not since her live-in boyfriend traded up for the model he met in the ad campaign she created! But Jenny is about to be clued in. When her newspaper sends herto the Caribbean to write an expose, she's pitted against the man who is the bane of her professional existence, Slaid Warren. Slaid takes issue with Jenny's quest to be the best and sets out to show her 1) There's more to life then work; 2) They're stronger when they work as a team; 3) He really does live up to all his hype.