ACT or SAT?: Choosing the Right Exam for You (Paperback)

Choosing the Right Exam for You

By Josh Bornstein, Rebecca Lessem

Princeton Review, 9780375429248, 245pp.

Publication Date: June 9, 2009



Are you one of the millions of high school students planning to take the SAT or the ACT? Almost all colleges accept either test, and so you may be faced with a difficult decision — which exam to take? The tests are very different — the SAT is based on reasoning, the ACT on curriculum. The experts at The Princeton Review can help you figure out on which tests you’ll score higher, based on your personal test-taking skills and preferences, and guide you on this important step in the college admissions process.

SAT or ACT? features an assessment test to identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as plenty of SAT and ACT practice questions so that you can get a real feel for both exams. Additionally, you’ll get explanations and drills so you can learn about the nature of the SAT and the ACT and figure out which test you’ll do better on.

Most colleges value the ACT and/or the SAT as a key part of every student’s application. Knowing which test will best highlight your skills and lend the most strength to your applications is a crucial factor in getting into the school of your choice. Don’t make the SAT or ACT choice without this guide.