Trap Line (Paperback)

By Carl Hiaasen, Bill Montalbano

Vintage Crime/Black Lizard, 9780375700699, 224pp.

Publication Date: June 30, 1998



From the bestselling author of Bad Monkey and Razor Girl and Bill Montalbano comes this compelling thriller set in Key West on the southern most end of America.

With its dozens of outlying islands and the native Conchs' historically low regard for the law, Key West is a smuggler's paradise. All that's needed are the captains to run the contraband. Breeze Albury is one of the best fishing captains on the Rock, and he's in no mood to become the Machine's delivery boy. So the Machine sets out to persuade him. It starts out by taking away Albury's livelihood. Then it robs him of his freedom. But when the Machine threatens Albury's son, the washed-out wharf rat turns into a raging, sea-going vigilante.

In Trap Line, Hiaasen and Montalbano pit a handful of scruffy Conchs against an armada of drug lords, crooked cops, and homicidal marine lowlife. The result is a crime novel of dizzying velocity, filled with wrenching plot twists, grimily authentic characters, and enough local color for a hundred tropical shirts. It's the Key West the tourist brochures won't tell you about: a place as crooked as Al Capone's Chicago and as irredeemably violent as Wyatt Earp's Tombstone.

About the Author

Carl Hiaasen is the author of numerous national bestselling novels, including Bad Monkey and Razor Girl. He lives in Key West, Florida. Bill Montalbano is the author of The Sinners of San Ramon and Basilica. He died in 1998. Together they wrote three mysteries. Trap Line, A Death in China, and Powder Burn.