Random House Casual Crosswords, Volume 8 (Paperback, Large Print)

By Mel Rosen (Editor), Victor Fleming (Editor), Bonnie L. Gentry (Editor)

Random House Puzzles & Games, 9780375723322, 64pp.

Publication Date: September 14, 2010



For those who just want to enjoy solving crosswords and don't want to sit with chunky erasers and heavy reference books! Random House Casual Crosswords, Volume 8, includes:

-50 brand-new puzzles
-Subtitles to help solvers catch on to the puzzles' themes
-Clues with helpful hints such as 2 words, hyphenated, and abbr.
-A solving tip on every puzzle page
-For each puzzle, a freebie--an optional "giveaway" answer printed upside down and on a different page