Random House Casual Crossword Omnibus, Volume 2 (Paperback)

By Mel Rosen (Editor), Victor Fleming (Editor), Bonnie L. Gentry (Editor)

Random House Puzzles & Games, 9780375723445, 197pp.

Publication Date: November 29, 2011



From veteran puzzle editors Mel Rosen, Victor Fleming, and Bonnie L. Gentry comes the second omnibus edition of Casual Crosswords. If you think puzzle-solving should be relaxing rather than nerve-racking, this is the book for you. No chunky erasers, heavy reference books, or prescription tranquilizers needed here. Just grab a pencil and leave the rest to us. Here's what you'll find inside:
- 200 puzzles with straightforward themes, recognizable words, and no gimmicks or wordplay
- Subtitles that help you catch on to the puzzles' themes
- Clues with helpful hints such as 2 words, hyphenated, and abbr.
- A solving tip on every puzzle page that relates specifically to that puzzle--but many of the tips can be applied to all crosswords
- For each puzzle, a freebie--an optional "giveaway" answer printed upside down and on a different page (to remove some of the temptation)
Difficulty: Easy
Style: Middle of the Road.

About the Author

Mel Rosen, who succeeded Will Weng as puzzle editor of The Crosswords Club, is also author of the Random House Puzzlemaker's Handbook. Victor Fleming has been making puzzles for years. His work has appeared in a variety of books, magazines, and papers, including the New York Times and Games. He resides in Arkansas. Bonnie L. Gentry has been making puzzles, for years. Her work has appeared in a variety of books, magazines, and newspapers, including the New York Times and Games. She resides in Arizona.