The Dorothy Dunnett Companion: Volume II (Paperback)

Volume II

By Elspeth Morrison

Vintage, 9780375726682, 464pp.

Publication Date: April 16, 2002



Dorothy Dunnett has earned worldwide acclaim for the masterful blending of historical fact and imagination in her two series of novels set in brilliantly reconstructed fifteenth- and sixteenth-century landscapes.

The Dorothy Dunnett Companion II
is an encyclopedic resource that completes and expands the reach of the first Companion in documenting the historical and literary riches of Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles and House of Niccol novels. In this second guide, Elspeth Morrison not only covers the final three Niccol novels for the first time, but also provides a wealth of additional information about all of the earlier novels and highlights the links between the two now-completed series. Once again, she illuminates the real figures and events and the cultural and literary allusions Dunnett weaves into her works, translating foreign phrases and offering up fascinating background details, from the history of golf and the argot of galley slaves to the uses of puffins and polar bears. Together with the first Companion, The Dorothy Dunnett Companion II provides a complete and essential guide to the world of Lymond and Niccolo.

About the Author

Elspeth Morrison and Dorothy Dunnett live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Praise For The Dorothy Dunnett Companion: Volume II

"[Dunnett's novels are] vivid, engaging, densely plotted . . . sustained by a riot of tangible detail that makes real the world she has conjured up. . . . Dunnett brings to bear her remarkable powers of description, giving us the 15th-century Mediterranean in animated miniature. . . . The effect is spectacular." —The New York Times Book Review

"[Dunnett is] the finest living writer of historical fiction." —The Washington Post Book World