Math Smart, 2nd Edition: Get a Grip on Basic Math (Paperback)

Get a Grip on Basic Math

By Marcia Lerner

Princeton Review, 9780375762161, 320pp.

Publication Date: August 7, 2001



NEVER GET CRUNCHED BY NUMBERS AGAIN. We all know math can be scary--but let's face it: you need a basic command of math to surivive in today's number-crunching world. That's why The Princeton Review created Math Smart.
This book uses an easy-to-follow approach to show you how to perform basic math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Once you've got that down, Math Smart teaches you how to handle the scary stuff--like exponents, square roots, geometry, and algebra.
Our user-friendly techniques break complicated problems down into their basic parts, so that you don't waste your time memorizing dozens of long formulas and equations.
- Back-to-basics reviews of numbers, fractions, ratios & proportions, exponents & roots, algebra, geometry, and probability & statistics
- Tips and shortcuts to solve real-world math problems quickly
- A glossary of relevant terms for each chapter
- Chapter review quizzes with answers & explanations.

About the Author

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