Crazy in Berlin (Paperback)

By Thomas Berger

Dell, 9780385281171, 448pp.

Publication Date: August 19, 1982



Crazy in Berlin is the first volume in the saga of Carlo Reinhart. As an army medic stationed in Allied-occupied Germany, Reinhart is a young man of large bulk (two hundred pounds, plus)--good-hearted, intelligent, and something of a fool. He pursues with anxiety and bewilderment his custodial role over a shattered and noxious civilization, accompanied by an assortment of influences: Nathan Schild, an American Communist acting as a U.S. intelligence office; the war waif Trudchen, an accommodating Heidi; Schatzi, a charter-member Nazi, now a Russian courier and black market virtuoso. Crazy in Berlin is a lusty tale, full of irony and wit, of a stumbling American Odysseus.

Praise for Crazy In Berlin

"Thomas Berger is a name to remember. . . . A novelist with a great career before him."--Harvey Swados, The New Leader

"One of the best war novels, and one of our best novels no matter what kind."--W.G. Rogers, Associated Press

"An ambitious mixture of high moral earnestness and knock-about farce."--Pearl Bell, Commentary

About the Author

Thomas Berger (1924-2014), whom the Times Literary Supplement called "one of the century's most important writers," was the author of twenty-three novels. Little Big Man has been published in more than fifty editions throughout the world.