My Best Friend's Girl (Paperback)

A Novel

By Dorothy Koomson

Bantam Discovery, 9780385341325, 480pp.

Publication Date: March 25, 2008

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How far would you go for the best friend who broke your heart? This internationally bestselling novel tells an enchanting tale of life’s most unpredictable loves and heartaches, and the unforgettable bond between a single woman and an extraordinary five-year-old girl. From the moment they met in college, best friends Adele Brannon and Kamryn Matika thought nothing could come between them—until Adele did the unthinkable and slept with Kamryn’s fiancé, Nate. Now, after years of silence, the two women are reuniting, and Adele has a stunning request for her old friend: she wants Kamryn to adopt her five-year-old daughter, Tegan.

Besides the difference in skin color—many will assume that headstrong, impulsive Kamryn is Tegan’s nanny—there’s the inconvenient truth that Kamryn is wholly unprepared to take care of anyone, especially someone who reminds her so much of Nate. With crises brewing at work and her love life in shambles, can Kamryn somehow become the mother a little girl needs her to be?

In My Best Friend’s Girl, Dorothy Koomson takes us on a warm and wondrous journey through laughter and tears, forgiveness and hope—and the enduring love forged by the unlikeliest of families.

About the Author

Dorothy Koomson is another year older (which she’s very happy about), but not much wiser. She is still a journalist as well as a novelist, and now lives in both London and Sydney, Australia. My Best Friend’s Girl is her third novel. She is currently working on her next novel and a screenplay.

Praise For My Best Friend's Girl: A Novel

“I was laughing and crying from page one. Koomson deals with grown-up issues: friendship, death, betrayal and forgiveness.” —Adele Parks, author of Still Thinking of You

“Koomson's U.S. debut is a three-hankie delight.”—Publishers Weekly

Conversation Starters from

What can we infer from the fact that Adele had hundreds of people at her funeral, but only trusted an estranged friend to take care of her child? What does that say about Kamryn?

Why do you think Adele kept Tegan’s paternity from Nate? Do you think Adele would have told Nick the truth before she died, if Nick had returned her calls?

Would Kamryn ever have faced her past with Adele and Nate if she hadn’t become the guardian of Tegan?

Do you think Kamryn had a choice in taking guardianship of Tegan? Do you think Kamryn would have taken the child if Tegan had loving grandparents?

All of Kamryn’s relationships seem to grow out of negative feelings. Kamryn didn’t like Luke or Adele at first. She slept with Nate on their first date just to get rid of him. Kamryn’s relationship with Tegan is the only relationship where she does not make any judgments. How does this effect your perception of Kamryn?

In Adele’s letters to Kamryn, she explains what happened between her and Nate. Is the explanation satisfactory? Why was it easier for Kamryn to forgive Adele than it was for her to forgive Nate?

Kamryn is always questioning which man is “The One” for her. Do either Luke or Nate fit that description? Who would be better for Kamryn? For Tegan?

Because of Tegan, Kamryn is not considered for the position of Marketing Director. Do you think Kamryn was ready to handle the position with all the changes in her life? Do you think her boss should be the one to make that decision for her? Would Kamryn have made the right choice for her and Tegan?

What will happen to Kamryn and Luke? Will Kamryn, Tegan, Luke, and Nate be able to live peacefully in their makeshift family?

What do you think is at the core of this novel? Friendship? Love? Change? Discovery?

The author refers to My Best Friend’s Girl as a “heart-lit” book. Do you think this moniker is accurate?