The Pre-Nup (Paperback)

A Novel

By Beth Kendrick

Bantam Discovery, 9780385342230, 304pp.

Publication Date: November 25, 2008

List Price: 16.00*
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All you need is love? For the residents of swanky Mayfair Estates, a pre-nup is just another item on the wedding to-do checklist—but three friends get more than they bargained for when they promise to love, cherish . . . and sign on the dotted line.

Ellie married her handsome, wealthy Prince Charming when she was young, naive, and willing to sign a one-sided pre-nup in the name of true love. But seven years and one toddler later, her happily-ever-after has come screeching to a halt. If she can’t save her marriage, she’s determined to save her divorce, and she’s not about to let a lot of legalese stand in her way.

When Jen married Eric, he knew she wasn’t head over heels. Still, he insisted that they were perfect together and even bankrolled her blossoming business. But when Jen’s career finally takes off, she realizes that she may lose her husband. If Eric leaves, Jen will lose everything—including the marriage she values more than she thought.

Up-and-coming attorney Mara is sure her fiancé has forgiven her for a foolish one-night fling—until he adds a “cheating clause” to the pre-nup she had demanded. If he really trusts her, why the clause? And if she’s really trustworthy, why is she objecting?

As romance collides with real life, three very different women turn to each other for moral support and insights about how to safeguard their most valuable assets: their hearts.

About the Author

Beth Kendrick is the author of four previous novels, including Nearlyweds and Fashionably Late. She also writes teen fiction as Beth Killian. She lives near Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, son, and an assortment of badly behaved dogs.

Praise For The Pre-Nup: A Novel

"A smart, funny spin on happily-ever-after!"—Beth Harbison, New York Times bestselling author of Secrets of a Shoe Addict

"Witty, juicy, and lots of fun! Say 'I do' to The Pre-Nup."—Susan Mallery, New York Times bestselling author of Sweet Trouble

"Exceptionally entertaining and wonderfully original… Kendrick writes with a wicked sense of humor and great wisdom."—Chicago Tribune

Conversation Starters from

  1. How did you picture Ellie and Michael's marriage when you read the novel's opening scene? Did Ellie have any reason to doubt Michael before she noticed the steamy message on his PDA?
  2. Discuss Vixen, MD and women like her. Does Michael deserve any sympathy, considering her predatory ways? Would Ellie have been more forgiving if Michael had not been so greedy in the aftermath of his affair?
  3. When we first meet Jen and Eric, they seem to love each other but aren't in love. How do you think this compares to most married couples?
  4. Did Josh overreact when he proposed the cheating clause, at the end of chapter eight? Were Mara and Josh both trying to sabotage their relationship during this argument, or were they trying to protect their pending marriage?
  5. What made Alex bold enough to turn the tables on Michael? How do Ellie and her friends change after they meet Alex? What does she have in common with the women of Mayfair Estates?
  6. How do Jen's feelings about Patrick shift at different points in her life? What are the main differences between Patrick and Eric?
  7. What changed between Mara and Josh after the demise of the wedding dress? What does their revised pre-nup in chapter twenty-eight say about every couple's needs?
  8. How did Jen and Eric use money to heal their marriage? What makes the difference between couples who are torn apart by financial feuds, and those who use wealth to enrich their relationship?
  9. In the twenty-first century, do most men and women enter marriage on equal financial footing? If not, what accounts for the differences? Do modern divorced women deserve alimony, or was alimony only necessary when few women attended college or launched a career?
  10. Should every couple have a pre-nup? How does a pre-nup serve as a time capsule, recording the hopes and fears of two people at an earlier stage of their lives? What did the pre-nups reveal about each couple in the novel?
  11. What do you predict for Hannah's future, in marriage and otherwise? How did her parents' feud shift when they began fighting over custody of her?
  12. What gave Ellie the nerve to accept a date in the novel's closing chapter? How would you answer the question "why wonder," printed on The Other Women business card? Would you want to know?
  13. What was the effect of shifting between three points of view throughout The Pre-Nup? Which character did you identify with the most? What makes Ellie, Jen, and Mara's friendship strong?
  14. What role did Ellie's mother-in-law play her son's bad behavior? How was marriage different for women of her generation?
  15. How does The Pre-Nup complement the other Beth Kendrick novels you have read? What is unique about the way her characters experience marriage and commitment?