The Swap (Paperback)

By Antony Moore

Delta, 9780385342346, 262pp.

Publication Date: August 26, 2008



Ever have a moment you wish you could undo? A wickedly brilliant tale of revenge, mystery, and fate, Antony Moore's The Swap is at once a gripping thriller and a hilarious black comedy--a book for anyone who's ever wondered what could have been. . . .

Harvey Briscow--smoker, drinker, comic-shop owner--is facing another school reunion back in Cornwall. Having spent the last two decades second-guessing himself, Harvey isn't thrilled at the prospect of showing his classmates the mess he's made of his life. But this is Harvey's twentieth reunion, a milestone that all but guarantees that Charles "Bleeder" Odd--the freakish reject who made off with Harvey's now-priceless Superman One comic in a school-yard swap--will be in attendance.

But when Harvey returns to Cornwall, hoping to retrieve his comic, he's met with more than a few surprises. . . . Bleeder is now dazzlingly successful--and quite content to watch Harvey squirm, refusing to acknowledge their long-ago trade. And Harvey--fueled by drink and the promise of a beautiful woman--soon makes a fateful choice, one he instantly wishes he could undo. A dead body and an enraged husband further complicate matters . . . but there's a silver lining in this strange chain of events: suddenly one bad swap is the least of Harvey's regrets. . . .

About the Author

Antony Moore was born in Cornwall and now lives in London with his family.