Life in the Fat Lane (Paperback)

By Cherie Bennett

Ember, 9780385740067, 265pp.

Publication Date: July 12, 2011



Beauty pageant winner, homecoming queen--Lara has the world at her feet.Until she gets fat.
Despite a strict diet and workout schedule, Lara is soon a nameless, faceless, 200-pound-plus teenage blimp.She's desperate to get her to-die-for body back--and to find an explanation for her rapid weight gain.
When she's diagnosed with a mysterious metabolic disorder that has no known cure, Lara fears she'll spend the rest of her life trapped in a fat suit.Who will stand by her?Her image-conscious family?Her shallow friends?Her handsome boyfriend?Or will she be left alone in the land of the fat girls?

From the Paperback edition.

About the Author

Cherie Bennett has written many novels for young people, for TV (Smallville), and is an award-winning playwright. She lives in Los Angeles.

Praise For Life in the Fat Lane

Praise for Life in the Fat Lane:

"...the author lays out the issues with unusual clarity, sharp insight, and cutting irony."
--Kirkus Reviews, Pointer

"...the author is on target with her estimation of how greatly readers will share Lara'a horror at her plight.  .  .  she is sure to hit a nerve."
--Publishers Weekly

From the Paperback edition.