Falcon's Egg (Hardcover)

By Luli Gray

Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 9780395711286, 144pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 1995



Ever since her parents divorced, Falcon has been in charge-of herself, her younger brother, and even her loving but self-absorbed mother. One day in Central Park she finds a large, glowing, hot egg that no one can identify. With her wise but eccentric great-aunt, a nurturing neighbor, and a wacky ornithologist from the Museum of Natural History, she establishes a secret society: the Friends of Egg. As Falcon watches and cares for the egg, she is able to forget some of her problems and even to share her secret with her family. And when a baby dragon hatches, everyone is amazed except Great-Aunt Emily, who knows that dragons appear only for a reason. A beautifully crafted, memorable first novel, Falcon's Egg combines fantasy with a poignant story of love in a troubled single-parent family.

Praise For Falcon's Egg

"Engaging, intelligent, and well wrought: the best dragon story since Donn Kushner's A Book Dragon." Kirkus Reviews with Pointers