A Killing Frost (Hardcover)

By John Marsden

Houghton Mifflin, 9780395837351, 288pp.

Publication Date: April 27, 1998



It's nearly six months since our country was invaded. We've lived in a war zone since January, and now it's July. So short a time, so long a time . . . I'm an expert on fear now. I think I've felt every strong feeling there is: love, hate, jealousy, rage. But fear's the greatest of them all. Nothing reaches inside and grabs you by the guts the way fear does. Nothing else possesses you like that. It's a kind of illness, a fever, that takes you over. Ellie and her friends return from a camping trip to find their country at war. Learning together, they fight back - battling fear, rage, and the invading army that has stolen their land, seized their homes, taken their families, and destroyed their future. Continuing the story begun in Tomorrow When the War Began and The Dead of Night, John Marsden paints a shockingly realistic portrait of teenagers who take great risks to defend what is theirs.

Praise For A Killing Frost

“Marsden crafts one of the most exciting and harrowing sabotage sequences in YA literature...One cannot help but be struck by the delight and respect that Marsden holds for teenagers.” Booklist, ALA, Boxed Review

"The trilogy about Australia under siege that started with Tomorrow, When the War Began comes to a thrill-a-minute conclusion as the teen heroes continue their guerrilla tactics against totalitarian foes." Publishers Weekly

"An action-packed, enjoyable read." School Library Journal