The Five-Dog Night (Paperback)

By Eileen Christelow

Sandpiper, 9780395928622, 40pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 1998



When Old Betty tries to advise Ezra on how to survive the cold winter nights, Ezra rebuffs her concerns because he has his own private source of warmth.

About the Author

Eileen Christelow has created numerous fun and funny picture books, including the Five Little Monkeys series, Author, and most recently, Letters from a Desperate Dog. She and her husband, Ahren, live in Vermont. For more information visit

Praise For The Five-Dog Night

"The title gives the joke away, but kids will be delighted all the same-and most will be able to appreciate the funny wind-up in which Betty, who's learned not to be so nosy, and Ezra, who's learned not to be so ill-tempered, finally become friends. Christelow's freewheeling watercolors evoke Ezra, Betty, and the doggy crew in broadly characterized relief, with pen-and-ink details adding humorous punch." Booklist, ALA

"A story with a premise that's bound to amuse: Old Betty, Ezra's neighbor, is forever pestering him, when she calls to bring cookies and make him tea, about his need for extra blankets. 'Not for me,' he insists, refusing to elaborate beyond remarking, the next day that 'It was only a two-dog night.'...The well-crafted curmudgeonly repartee, particularly good fun for reading aloud, leads naturally to a satisfying turnabout conclusion, with the much-insulted Betty getting her own dogs to sleep under; and Ezra, who misses her once she gives up on him, visiting her with homemade cookies and advice. A good-natured, entertaining yarn." Kirkus Reviews