24 Hours (Hardcover)

By Greg Iles

Putnam Adult, 9780399146244, 335pp.

Publication Date: August 7, 2000



Hickey, a kidnapper and con man, thinks he has orchestrated the perfect crime. He targets young families and he's never been caught. He keeps getting away with it because he never hurts the kid and he never asks for more money than his victims can raise in 24 hours without raising suspicion. But he's never met Will and Karen Jennings. Hickey, with the help of his wife, Cheryl, and his "slow" giant of a cousin, Marvin, kidnaps the Jennings' daughter. But Hickey has overlooked one factor: the girl is a diabetic. While Hickey holds Karen at the family's home, Marvin holds the daughter at a secluded cabin and Hickey's wife holds Will at a third location. By dividing his quarry, Hickey thinks he has them, but Will and Karen are desperate and will do anything to overpower him. Their hair-raising night from hell pushes every mass market button in this edge-of-your-seat read.