Global Model Village (Hardcover)

The International Street Art of Slinkachu

By Slinkachu

Blue Rider Press, 9780399160745, 120pp.

Publication Date: September 13, 2012



All of life is here in "Global Model Village "from the lowest low-rise views of Manhattan to the scorched flagstones of Marrakech, from West London to the West Bank.A tiny mother and child bustle through a dusty township in Cape Town, while a miniature informant whispers in a telephone booth in Beijing. Thumb-size riot police climb the Acropolis in Athens, while an inch-high woman pole-dances around a lamppost in a Hong Kong red-light district.

"Global Model Village "collects the international works of Slinkachu, the London-based artist who as part of his Little People Project has been abandoning tiny model people on the mean streets of the world since 2006. Documented through photography, these little dramas of hope and tragedy, loneliness and humor, somehow get to the heart of what it means to be human, to be alone among millions of other people, all experiencing the melancholy and magic of life in the big city.

Praise For Global Model Village: The International Street Art of Slinkachu

~Praise for Slinkachu's GLOBAL MODEL VILLAGE~
“The artist Slinkachu’s Little People are now available on printed pages—miniature hand-painted figurines playing out everyday moments on a very small scale. Brilliant.”—The New York Times “[These] tiny figurines are more fully us than any possible full-size models … I love Slinkachu’s works. I hope you will too.”—Will Self [Slinkachu] is interested in…expressing the solitary, uncertain, anxious side of contemporary life—in a way that lets us share in some collective self-deprecating irony about it.”—The Atlantic  “There is something incredibly powerful about a tiny, carefully placed figure.”—Slate  “British-based Slinkachu is no average street artist. His works are often achingly beautiful, bitingly satirical, and are always very, very small.”—Huffington Post