My Bad Parent: Do as I Say, Not as I Did (Paperback)

Do as I Say, Not as I Did

By Troy Osinoff

Perigee Books, 9780399161605, 163pp.

Publication Date: October 24, 2012



No parent is perfect. But let's just say some need more guidance than others.
"My Bad Parent "is a reminder of the lesson all parents will unavoidably pass down: Do as I say, not as I do. With full-color candid photos and wry captions, this book exposes the least effective techniques for raising healthy, balanced children. It chronicles the high adventure of raising a child to adulthood, or at least until the kid can do a keg stand all by himself.
My Bad Parent tackles the toughest issues in modern parenting, including:
The number of feet in the air it is permissible to launch a child
The proper size paint bucket used as a motorcycle's sidecar
The right time to introduce a toddler to the exciting world of political extremism
What's better for a toddler a standard or a retractable leash?

About the Author

Troy Osinoff is a publishing entrepreneur whose websites have been featured in media outlets, including the "Huffington Post, " Yahoo! News, and Comedy Central. He has appeared as a guest on radio and television shows around the world, including Dr. Phil. Visit his website at