Magpie Gabbard and the Quest for the Buried Moon (Hardcover)

By Sally M. Keehn

Philomel, 9780399243400, 208pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2007



There are just things a girl turning thirteen has to do if she lives on Gabbard Mountain. Like track down her brother Milo, who went away to High Jerusalem and left his danged foot behind! And why not ride Sir William, the amazing hog, who is faster than a white tornado? Before this girl's done, she faces the Floating Head, outruns Goblins, retrieves miracle water from Green Pond, gives her brother Randall back his grit, and gets those squabbling Sizemores and Gabbards together again. Oh, yes, and along the way Magpie saves the moon . . . and gets herself a beautiful beau! Now this is an original story!