When an Alien Meets a Swamp Monster (Hardcover)

By Cornelius Van Wright

Nancy Paulsen Books, 9780399256233, 28pp.

Publication Date: February 20, 2014



Could two little boys who scare each other silly ever become friends?
When Alik and Boi accidentally bump into each other at the pond, they aren t exactly thrilled. In fact, they re terrified Boi thinks Alik is a swamp monster, and Alik thinks Boi is a space alien. Both run home in a panic to share their news, but their families don t believe them. If only Alik and Boi can drum up the courage to venture back outside, they just might cross paths again and realize how much they have in common.
With an encouraging message about second chances and looking past appearances, this delightfully absurd story about two very different-looking adventurers is full of laugh-out-loud, action-packed fun. It's perfect for fans of funny books like "Shark vs. Train" and "Children Make Terrible Pets.

About the Author

Cornelius Van Wright (www.corneliusvanwright.com) has illustrated numerous picture books, including several he co-illustrated with his wife, Ying Hwa-Hu, including "Princess Grace" (by Mary Hoffman), "Sam and the Lucky Money" (by Karen Chinn), and "Zora Hurston and the Chinaberry Tree" (by William Miller). His work has appeared on "Reading Rainbow" and "Storytime" and has been exhibited with the Society of Illustrators. He lives in New York City.

Praise For When an Alien Meets a Swamp Monster

* “A hilarious romp with easy, breezy language that captures the essence of little boys (or little alligators). . . . Large-scale watercolor-and-pencil illustrations are appropriately goofy and perfectly depict the high-speed action and the rampant emotions of the characters. Small details add to the fun. . . . Total laugh-out-loud joy.”
-Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

“A story involving misunderstandings, overactive imaginations, and ‘verometric outerhull stabilizers.’ . . . Van Wright’s pencil-and-watercolor artwork [invigorates] the story with action and comedy, from J.T. and Alik’s muddy first encounter to their eventual realization that they have much in common.”
-Publishers Weekly

“Watercolor and pencil illustrations in a cartoon style match the pair’s preferred reading material. . . . The simple, direct narrative will appeal to reluctant readers.”
-School Library Journal