The Feros (Hardcover)

By Wesley King

Putnam Publishing Group, 9780399256554, 313pp.

Publication Date: June 27, 2013



Wesley King follows up his darkly funny debut, "The Vindico, " with this high-octane sequel, delivering even more humor and explosive superpowered action.
"After using your newfound super powers to defeat the most evil villains on the planet, what could you possibly do for an encore?"

James, Hayden, Sam, Emily and Lana are finally ready to join the League of Heroes. Their new powers have made them stronger than ever (Hayden has perfected some particularly useful tricks for doing housework from the sofa), and the friends even gave themselves a name: the Feros. But as their induction into the League approaches, they are ambushed and arrested by a group of rogue Heroes. The only one who can clear their name is the League's leader, Thunderbolt but he's gone missing. The Feros manage to escape capture, but with Thunderbolt gone and several League members defecting, there is no one left to trust.
Confident they can overcome anything together, the group's security is shaken when Emily is mysteriously abducted right out from under them. Have the Vindico somehow managed to escape the impenetrable Perch? Or are they fighting a new enemy that they can t see? One thing they know for sure is that even Sam's telepathic detection has proven useless against this unknown foe. Without their computer genius or their telepathic shield, how will the Feros ever find Emily and keep themselves and their families safe?

About the Author

Wesley Kingis the author of"THE VINDICO." He has recently come to terms with the fact that his first career choice jedi may be impractical for the moment. He is now embarking on his second choice YA author.After coming to grips with this choice, he found himself having an inclination towards the self-serving villains in the background of fantasy stories, and, with this newfound avenue for his own dark humor and fierce desire for super powers, he wrote this series. Wesley lives in suburban Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Visit him at"

Praise For The Feros

Praise for THE FEROS:
“[King’s] characters are more than just old-school comic book archetypes. He humanizes his heroes and villains, allowing them to express regret, remorse, distrust, anxiety, fear, and love. He also provides compelling backstories that ground the characters with credible motivations. And he smartly balances the violent battle scenes with humor, mostly channeled through wisecracking Hayden (“I’m brilliant, but at a measured pace”). King’s take on superheroes and their counterparts is fresh and captivating.”
Praise for Wesley King’s humorous debut, THE VINDICO:
“King brilliantly combines teenage points of view and emotions with comic book excitement in this superbly composed tale of superheroes and super villains. Readers get to know each of the five teens through their distinctive voices and personalities and can easily follow their motivations as they struggle to make the impossible decision of how to use their newfound powers. There is nonstop action as the teens learn how to use their powers with and against their villain mentors that will keep readers engaged and excited throughout the book. This is an excellent addition to any library serving teens, as it will appeal to reluctant readers with its fast-paced action, and almost all teen readers will love the comic book feel of this book.”

[King's] teens are vivid, funny, and relatable, but their growth never comes at the expense of story or plot development. Add in descriptions of cool weaponry and superpowers, a healthy dose of clever one-liners and snappy dialogue, and plenty of chases and explosions, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a hit series that teens will love. King is definitely an author to watch.” 

“Here’s a debut that will knock middle-grade superhero fans on their butts. In a fresh twist, five ordinary teens are recruited to learn superhuman powers—by the villains . . . By minimizing the numbing action scenes so common to this sort of book and focusing instead upon the interplay of the witty, appealing kids, King deepens the reader’s experience by turning each character—yes, even the Torturer!—into more than the typical black-and-white placeholder . . . kids are going to gobble this up.”

“With the Vindico characters’ backstories, King grays the line between good and evil even further . . . he never loses his knack for humorous—and teen-friendly—dialogue, e.g., “If you turn a bunch of kids into supervillains, you can’t expect them to follow the rules.””