The Ironclad Alibi (Hardcover)

By Michael Kilian

Berkley Hardcover, 9780425183250, 320pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2002



Union secret agent Harrison Raines is sent into the heart of the Confederacy to obtain information about "The Monster"-the hulking remains of the ironclad ship Merrimack, which is being restored. But before he can complete his mission, he must solve the murder of his first love, and clear his best friend of the crime.

Praise for the series:

"Both Civil War and mystery fans will appreciate Kilian's grasp of the genres of historical fiction and mystery." (Booklist)

"Kilian blends fiction and history, using real people to establish a believable context and create an absorbing period piece." (San Antonio Express-News)

"Kilian offers clues for anyone wishing to guess the identity of the murderer, but also indulges in a case of misdirection that might nag at a genuine mystery buff for months. Picaresque adventure." (Publishers Weekly)

"An engaging character." (The Denver Post)