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the Good Girl's Drug: How to Stop Using Food to Control Your Feelings

Sunny Sea Gold


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Bingeing, compulsive eating, food addiction, emotional overeating—no matter what you call it, too many women wrestle day to day with what they eat. It’s a love-hate relationship that always seems to be spiraling out of control. Food: The Good Girl’s Drug is one recovered binge eater’s attempt to inject some sanity back into the discussion about food, body image, and overeating.

Sunny Sea Gold started fighting binge eating disorder in her early teens. But books on the topic were often aimed at housewives with kids and a white picket fence, women she had a hard time relating to. What about the girls who found themselves using all their roommate’s peanut butter, nibbling from the work refrigerator, or hiding a stash of chocolate from boyfriends, and were too ashamed to say anything?
Calling on top mental health professionals, nutritionists, and fitness experts, Sunny offers real advice to a new generation fighting an age-old war. With humor and compassion, Food: The Good Girl’s Drug is about experiences shared by so many women—whether they’ve been struggling for years, or have recently admitted to themselves that, yes, it’s more than just a bad habit.

Praise For Food: the Good Girl's Drug: How to Stop Using Food to Control Your Feelings

Praise for Food: the Good Girl’s Drug

“Sunny Sea Gold is one of the best and most compassionate educators about women's health issues out there. She is especially strong on the emotional underpinnings of health conditions such as eating disorders and obsessive thinking about body image that have deep roots in a gender context.”—Naomi Wolf, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Beauty Myth, The End of America and Give Me Liberty

“Filled with actionable tools, rich insight, and expert knowledge.”—Johanna Kandel, Executive Director of The Alliance of Eating Disorders
“Sharing deeply personal stories of hope and recovery from the prison of problematic relationships with food, eating and exercise, Sunny Gold and the brave women who with her offer their insights contribute to a comprehensive survey of the topic in a manner that is remarkably, if you will....easily digestible.”—Dr. Drew Pinsky, M.D.

Berkley, 9780425239032, 256pp.

Publication Date: April 5, 2011

About the Author

Sunny Sea Gold is a deputy editor at Redbook magazine and the former health editor of both Glamour and Seventeen. She is the founder of the online overeating support site and lives in Brooklyn with her husband.