Poseidon's Wake (Mass Market Paperbound)

By Alastair Reynolds

Ace Books, 9780425256343, 672pp.

Publication Date: August 30, 2016



Few SF writers merge rousing adventure with advanced futuristic technology as skillfully as Alastair Reynolds, * the award-winning author of On the Steel Breeze. In the conclusion of his epic saga, the Akinya family receives an invitation from across the stars and a last opportunity to redeem their name...
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The cryptic message originated seventy light-years away from the planet Crucible, where Ndege Akinya lives under permanent house arrest for her role in the catastrophe that killed 417,000 people. Could it be from her mother, Chiku, who vanished during a space expedition decades earlier?
Ndege's daughter, Goma, a biologist, joins the crew of the Travertine, dispatched to Gliese 163 to uncover the source behind the enigmatic message.
Goma's odyssey will take her not only into the furthest reaches of space but centuries into her family's past where the answers to the universe's greatest mysteries await...
*Toronto Star

About the Author

Alastair Reynolds is the author of The Poseidon s Children series (Blue Remembered Earth, On the Steel Breeze, Poseidon s Wake), and the Revelation Space novels (The Prefect, Absolution Gap, Redemption Ark). He was born in Wales in 1966 and has a PhD in astronomy. From 1991 to 2007, he lived in the Netherlands, where he was employed by the European Space Agency as an astrophysicist. He is now a full-time writer and lives in South Wales with his wife, Josette. "