Bandit's Moon (Paperback)

By Sid Fleischman, Jos A. Smith (Illustrator)

Yearling, 9780440415862, 144pp.

Publication Date: April 11, 2000



After a narrow escape from the nasty O. O. Mary's clutches, Annyrose ventures forth to find her long-lost brother Lank in gold-digging territory. But the journey is rough, bandits and fiends waiting for the traveler at every bend. Soon Annyrose runs into Joaquin Marieta, legendary bandit of the Gold Rush.

This complete disaster, however, soon appears to be no less than a blessing for both! They can help each other out: Annyrose can teach Joaquin how to read so he will know where danger lies, and in turn he can make sure she's safe and fed. But in a time when corruption and greed are running wild, will their friendship be more than fool's gold?

About the Author

Sid Fleischman is also the author of The Whipping Boy, The Midnight Horse, Humbug Mountain, The 13th Floor, and The Ghost in the Noonday Sun.

Praise For Bandit's Moon

"An action-packed narrative . . . detailed and authentic."--Booklist, Starred

"All the trademarks of one of Fleischman's rollicking yarns are here . . . delivered with a double helping of humor." --Publishers Weekly, Starred