Broken (Paperback)

By Travis Thrasher

FaithWords, 9780446505550, 288pp.

Publication Date: May 5, 2010



Laila had it all--love, family, wealth, and faith. But when her faith crumbles, her world falls apart and Laila finds herself living an empty, dangerous life as a call girl in Chicago.
When she is threatened, Laila shoots and kills a client in self-defense, sending herself into a spiral of guilt and emptiness. Six months later, she is trying to move on, but she's haunted by the past. She hasn't told anyone about the man she killed, and she's still estranged from her family.
When she is approached by a stranger who says he knows what she did, Laila has no choice but to run. But the stranger stays close behind, and Laila begins having visions of the man she killed. Little does she know she's being hounded by something not of this world, something that knows her deepest, darkest secret.
Scared and wandering, will Laila regain her trust in God to protect her from these demons? Or will her plea for salvation come too late?

About the Author

The author of eleven works of fiction, Travis Thrasher creates flawed characters and takes them on harrowing journeys of redemption. He and his wife, Sharon, live with their daughter in Chicago, IL. For more information about Travis, visit

Praise For Broken

"Thrasher just keeps getting better."
-Publishers Weekly on Ghostwriter

"Thrasher . . . demonstrates a considerable talent for the horror genre. Like Stephen King, Thrasher pits flawed but likable characters against evil forces that at first seem escapable but gradually take on a terrifying ubiquity."
-Publishers Weekly on Isolation

"Ghostwriter twists like a corkscrew. It's a page-turner-and I didn't see the ending coming."
-Meg Gardiner, author of The Dirty Secrets Club

"Travis Thrasher is truly one of my favorite authors. Here he creates a new twist on the classic ghost story, blending elements of the supernatural together with real-life horror. Ghostwriter is a moving story about love, loss, and the creative forces that drive people to madness."
-Sigmund Brouwer, bestselling author of Broken Angel

"Isolation proved that Thrasher has what it takes to scare the wits out of his audience while challenging them at the same time. Ghostwriter takes Thrasher's writing to a whole new level of terror and heart. . . . Ghostwriter is the kind of gem that comes along far too seldom; displaying the kind of writing that deserves to be devoured by the masses."
-Jake Chism,

"Each time I read a novel by Travis Thrasher, I close the cover and tell myself that was his best. But I find it hard to imagine that Thrasher is going to be able to surpass Broken easily....the story literally drove me to tears...The action is intense, the pace breakneck, the aura of mystery palpable, the sense of the supernatural mysterious...In the vein of Isolation and Ghostwriter, Thrasher gives us Broken, one of his best stories to date."
-Josh Olds, The Christian Critic