Gary Null's Mind Power: Rejuvenate Your Brain and Memory Naturally (Hardcover)

Rejuvenate Your Brain and Memory Naturally

By Gary Null.

NAL Hardcover, 9780451216731, 336pp.

Publication Date: December 6, 2005



America's leading authority on alternative and natural health reveals how to protect the brain from the common effects of aging.

As one of the founding leaders of America's health food movement in the 1970s, host of a long-running radio show, and a champion athlete, Gary Null has guided and inspired entire generations of Americans to adopt healthier living habits. Now, in this revolutionary book, Null shows how readers can start now to keep their brains fit and functional.

With a wellness plan rooted in extensive research, scientific data, and hundreds of studies, Gary Null has developed a strategy that not only protects the brain, but helps to counter the effects of aging and such common detrimental conditions as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease, depression, memory loss, senility, insomnia, and others.