When We Fall (Paperback)

By Emily Liebert

New American Library, 9780451419453, 290pp.

Publication Date: September 2, 2014



A new friendship forces a widow looking for a fresh start to confront her past in this compelling novel from the award-winning author of Some Women.

While Allison Parker once savored the dynamic pace of city life, it has sadly lost its allure since her husband's untimely death. Now, back to her hometown in the suburbs of New York accompanied by her ten-year-old son, Logan, Allison is ready to focus on her art career. She doesn't anticipate that her past will resurface. But when the wife of her husband's best friend from summer camp takes her under her wing, things begin to spin out of control.

At one time, Charlotte Crane thought she had it all--a devoted husband, a beautiful little girl, and enough financial security to never have to worry. But behind her "perfect" facade lies a strained marriage and a fractured relationship with her sister. When "new girl" Allison arrives in Wincourt, Charlotte welcomes the chance to build a friendship. Before long, Charlotte begins to see her life through Allison's eyes, and the cracks in her seemingly flawless existence become impossible to ignore.

As Allison heals from the loss of her husband--even wondering if she might be ready to date again--Charlotte feels more distant from her loved ones than ever before. The emerging friendship between the two women appears to be just the antidote both of them so desperately need...until everything falls apart.

About the Author

Emily Liebert is the award-winning author of Some Women, Those Secrets We Keep, When We Fall, You Knew Me When, and the nonfiction book Facebook Fairytales. She's been featured on Today, The Rachael Ray Show, and Anderson Cooper 360, and in InStyle, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Chicago Tribune, among other national media outlets.

Praise For When We Fall

Praise for You Knew Me When

"[Liebert] has a knack for crafting realistic, witty dialogue. An emotionally honest novel, full of nostalgia for old friendships, the struggle of reconciliation, and the everlasting power of female friendship."--Booklist

"A wonderful book for anyone who has ever longed for an old friend or dreamed of returning home after what feels like forever."--New York Times bestselling author Kerry Kennedy


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