Supervolcano: All Fall Down (Hardcover)

All Fall Down

By Harry Turtledove

Roc, 9780451464811, 405pp.

Publication Date: December 4, 2012



"In "Supervolcano: Eruption," one of nature's most destructive forces released its ferocity on an unsuspecting world. Now, "New York Times "bestselling author Harry Turtledove reveals how the survivors of the disaster adapt to their new environment "
In the aftermath of the supervolcano's eruption in Yellowstone Park, North America is covered in ash. Farmlands cannot produce food. Machinery has been rendered useless. Cities are no longer habitable. And the climate across the globe grows colder every day.
Former police officer Colin Ferguson's family is spread across the United States, separated by the catastrophe, and struggling to survive as the nation attempts to recover and reestablish some measure of civilization

About the Author

Harry Turtledove, the "New York Times" bestselling author of numerous novels, has a PhD in Byzantine history. Nominated for the Nebula Award, he has won the Hugo, Sidewise, and John Esthen Cook Awards.

Praise For Supervolcano: All Fall Down

"Turtledove excels in exploring historical what-ifs with confidence in his ability to bring not only his characters but also his ideas to life."--Library Journal

"Whether he's going for humor or pathos, action or social commentary, Turtledove's research is always solild, his speculation thoughtful, and his execution professional."--Publishers Weekly