The Snow Globe (Paperback)

By Judith Kinghorn

Berkley, 9780451472090, 416pp.

Publication Date: March 3, 2015

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From the author of The Last Summer and The Memory of Lost Senses comes a "gripping tale of family secrets and a comedy of manners" (Renee Rosen, author of What the Lady Wants) that historical fiction fans will love. 
Inside the glass orb was a miniature garden and a house. If she stared long enough, she could almost see the people inside. But whether they were trapped there, or kept safe, in that miniscule snowbound world, she couldn't have said...

Christmas 1926 holds bright promise for nineteen-year-old Daisy Forbes, with celebrations under way at Eden Hall, her family's country estate in Surrey, England. But when Daisy, the youngest of three daughters, discovers that her adored father, Howard, has been leading a double life, her illusions of perfection are shattered. Worse, his current mistress, introduced as a family friend, is joining them for the holidays. As Daisy wrestles with the truth, she blossoms in her own right, receiving a marriage proposal from one man, a declaration of love from another, and her first kiss from a third. Meanwhile, her mother, Mabel, manages these social complications with outward calm, while privately reviewing her life and contemplating significant changes. And among those below stairs, Nancy, the housekeeper, and Mrs. Jessops, the cook, find that their long-held secrets are slowly beginning to surface...

As the seasons unfold in the new year, and Daisy moves to London, desires, fortunes, and loyalties will shift during this tumultuous time after the Great War. The Forbes family and those who serve them will follow their hearts down unexpected paths that always return to where they began...Eden Hall.

About the Author

Judith Kinghorn is also the author of The Last Summer and The Memory of Lost Senses. She was born in Northumberland, educated in the Lake District, and is a graduate in English and History of Art. She lives in England with her husband and two children.

Praise For The Snow Globe

Praise for The Snow Globe 

"Both a gripping tale of family secrets and a comedy of manners, Kinghorn's novel paints a vivid portrait of love and its perplexing complications. Set against the backdrop of Europe in the years following the Great War, The Snow Globe is a fascinating journey back in time. Historical fiction fans will not want to miss this gem!"—Renee Rosen, author of What the Lady Wants

"An absolutely delicious book...The period is beautifully observed, and we are expertly drawn into a suspenseful blend of tangled relationships and shocking discoveries. Daisy's coming of age in the 'brave new world' of post-war England had me holding my breath. Elegant and evocative to the last word."—Elizabeth Cooke, author of Rutherford Park and The Wild Flowers

Praise for The Memory of Lost Senses

"Lucinda Riley’s readers will enjoy Kinghorn’s manipulation of the story’s timeline, fans of Sarah Jio will adore the novel’s romantic backbone, and historical-fiction readers will appreciate Kinghorn’s eye for authentic period details.”—Booklist

"Beautifully written...the lyrical prose and hints of mystery, betrayal, blackmail, jealousy and regret make for a touching, thought-provoking and compelling read." —Romantic Times, 4 1/2 stars

“Kinghorn’s prose is lovely, lavishly describing both the characters and the setting, which leaves the reader with a strong sense of time and place."—Historical Novel Society

“Exquisite…a page-turning, atmospheric mystery story but with a powerful, all-consuming love affair burning deep at its core...”—Lancaster Evening Post (UK)

"A witty, clever and compelling tale, with a beautiful love story at its heart. I loved it."—Jane Harris, author of The Observations and Gillespie and I

Praise for The Last Summer

“An enchanting story of love and war, and the years beyond.” —Penny Vincenzi, bestselling author of Wicked Pleasures

“A sumptuous, absorbing tale of love in time of war. Judith Kinghorn's novel brilliantly illuminates the experiences of a generation of blighted youth.”—Rachel Hore, bestselling author of A Place of Secrets

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