Second Chance Friends (Paperback)

By Jennifer Scott

Berkley Books, 9780451473233, 352pp.

Publication Date: May 5, 2015

List Price: 15.00*
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The national bestselling author of The Sister Season shares a novel of four ordinary women at one extraordinary crossroads....

Karen, Melinda, and Joanna have never met until the morning they witness an accident outside a local diner--and rush to help.

As a single mom whose sweet-faced boy has become a misguided young man, Karen immediately sets aside her own concerns and moves into action. Emergency first responder Melinda also calmly steps up to the plate, as she does every day; no one would ever suspect the insecurity that threatens her marriage to the man she loves. And blond, beautiful, bohemian Joanna is hiding--from her friends, her family, and, most important, herself. Yet she's first on the scene.

The accident leaves another, mother to be, Maddie, crushed by grief. But rather than retreat, Karen, Melinda, and Joanna open their arms and hearts. During the next nine months they'll return to the diner over and over. They'll come to find Maddie. They'll end up finding themselves--learning what it means to be a mother, lover, wife, and friend. By reaching out and holding on, these four women will unite to show us life can be transformed at the most surprising moments.

About the Author

Jennifer Scott made her adult fiction debut with The Sister Season. She also writes young adult fiction as Jennifer Brown, including Hate List, which was selected as an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, a VOYA "Perfect Ten," and a School Library Journal Best Book of the Year. She has written three other YA novels, including Bitter End, Perfect Escape, and Thousand Words. Jennifer writes and lives in the Kansas City, Missouri area, with her husband and three children.

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  1. Small-town diners are often pictured as meeting places—places where we can see familiar faces, catch up on the neighborhood gossip, and enjoy a sense of inclusion. This story begins in such a place. But with the rise of social media and electronic devices, we’re also finding virtual communities. Do you still find a sense of community in places such as diners and bookstores in your neighborhood? Do you participate in virtual communities? Do you find these two things at odds with each other? Do they enhance each other?generic viagra price canada
  2. The story is told mostly from the point of view of three different women: Karen, Melinda, and Joanna. Did one of them resonate with you more than the others? If so, why? Do you find yourself often drawn to the same types of characters in the books you read?generic viagra price canada
  3. After the accident, Karen, Melinda, and Joanna decide to search out Maddie, the young woman in the accident. They come, unbidden, into her life. Do you believe them when they say they’re acting purely out of concern for her? Are they being nosy? Are they being supportive? Are these two sides of the same coin?generic viagra price canada
  4. Discuss the different issues of motherhood the characters struggle with as the story builds. Think of Karen and her wayward son, or Melinda, who quietly deceives her husband to avoid having a child, and Maddie, who initially doesn’t want the child she’ll have. How do the women help one another through these issues? Does one of these issues resonate with you more than the others?generic viagra price canada
  5. Romantic love and sexual identity are also issues confronting the characters. Think about their different conflicts in this area. Joanna, of course, comes readily to mind. But think also of Karen, who is in a very different phase of her life, and of Melinda, who is married. What challenges are they facing in their romantic lives? Do you think they work through them successfully? Do you feel they have work left to do when the story ends?generic viagra price canada
  6. There are many secrets in this book—secrets the characters hide from themselves and from others. List the secrets you observe. Do they remain at the conclusion of the story? Do you have secrets you keep—from your friends, your family, or yourself? Do you think revealing them would help enrich your life? Are there times secrets are best kept concealed?generic viagra price canada
  7. For women who become mothers, balancing the physical and emotional demands of a job with the role of motherhood can be difficult. In this story, Karen seems to be able to use her job to strengthen her position as a parent and grandparent. But Melinda decides she needs to leave her job as an EMT in order to be a mother. Do you understand their decisions? Do you believe them? Do you feel you’ve had to make similar choices in your own life?generic viagra price canada
  8. For Joanna. the arts, and in particular theater, play a crucial role in her personal development. Has artistic expression helped you understand something about yourself?generic viagra price canada
  9. The epilogue is a critical part of this story. What role does it play? Why do you imagine the author chose to write it in this format? And are the characters where you thought they might be in their lives?generic viagra price canada
  10. This book begins with a tragedy—with an accident that claims lives. Yet it ends with great joy—a child is born and friendships have blossomed. So would you call it a sad book? A happy book? An honest book? Why? Have you had experiences that you feel are similar to what the women here have shared? Do you believe we can heal from the tragedies we’ve endured? Do they weaken us? Strengthen us? Or perhaps simply change us?generic viagra price canada
  11. What scene did you find most moving in this book? Reread that section. Is it the language that moves you, the event that challenges you, the tone of the writing that affects you? Can you pinpoint why that scene in particular is moving? Did it bring you to tears? Make you laugh? Should fiction seek to do one or both of those things—or something else?generic viagra price canada