The Country Girls Trilogy and Epilogue (Paperback)

By Edna O'Brien

Plume, 9780452263949, 544pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 1987



Delicious...whollv original...sensitive as a harp string...captures the vigilance of childhood and reproduces, eerily intact, its heightened sensations.
From the acclaimed author of "Country Girl: A Memoir"

Kate and Baba are two ambitious Irish country girls in search of life: romantic Kate seeks love, while pragmatic Baba will take whatever she can get. Together they set out to conquer Dublin and the world. Under the big city's bright lights, they spin their lives into a whirl of comic and touching misadventures, wild flirtations, and reckless passions. But love changes everything. And as their lives take unexpected and separate turns, Baba and Kate must ultimately learn to go it alone.

A beautiful portrait of the pain and joy of youth, the ruin of marriage gone wrong, and the ache of lost friendship and love, this trilogy of Edna O Brien's remarkable early novels is more than just a harbinger of the stunning and masterly writer she has become.