Leave the Bastards Behind: An Insider's Guide to Working for Yourself (Paperback)

An Insider's Guide to Working for Yourself

By Richard Maun

Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 9780462098999, 192pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2007



Ever thought of working for yourself? Of course you have - and all the time This is the book you wished you had ten years ago. For many people, working for themselves is something that they yearn for and dream about. The time has now to come to work for the best boss you could have - i.e., yourself. This book is a straight forward, lively guide to the realities of setting up your business, written from first hand experience. Share in the disaster of the author's first sales meeting. Laugh at the attempts to design a marketing flyer, and wince at the pace of learning required to stay one step ahead of clients. Through such experiences, the author reveals the secrets of developing a client base and the skills which will help you through the door to self-employment in all its bare knuckle glory. Working for yourself is one of the richest experiences in life. This practical and inspirational book will put you on the road to success.