Tork & Grunt's Guide to Great Presentations (Paperback)

By Bob Harvey

Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 9780462099248, 80pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2008



Grunt, our favorite prehistoric caveman, has risen to become chief of the tribe, with an expectation that he will be a great leader of his people. However, like most people, Grunt hates the idea of public speaking. But with the guidance of his colleague, Tork, he quickly becomes a competent and convincing speaker and presenter. In this practical book, spiced with humor of the pre and post-historic kind, Grunt learns that you win with arrows, not bullets. You win by pointing the audience clearly in the right direction, not by hitting them with random and confusing bullet point statements. This book teaches you clearly and easily to construct, illustrate and deliver a speech or presentation in business as well as other areas of your life.